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College of Social Sciences

Global Asia Research Center

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Principal Investigator : Prof. Pei-Chia LAN, Prof. Yen-Fen Tseng

Team Size : 46

Study Field : Promote Cross-social and Cultural Comparative Studies in the Asia-Pacific Region, Conduct Taiwan Studies from a Global and Transnational Perspective

Interested International Cooperation : Joint Research Project, Personnel Exchange, Seminar, MOU/Collaborative Agreement

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Lab Introduction

Global Asia Research Center (GARC) was established in 2017 after College of Social Sciences received a generous funding form Kim Koo Foundation, Republic of Korea. With the support of the dean at the time, Kuo-Hsien Su, the center was established and led by Pei-Chia Lan as the founding director. The center aims to promote cross-social and cultural comparative studies in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as to conduct Taiwan studies from a global and transnational perspective.

In the past, many Western Asia research centers in universities followed the paradigm of area studies, viewing Asia as an exotic experience under the influence of colonial or imperial traditions, even with a voyeuristic gaze. In contrast, Global Asia studies emphasizes examining Asia in the context of globalization, breaking free from the narrow approach of defining “Asia” by geographical regions. The Global Asia Research Center takes a similar approach, using comparative and transnational studies as a paradigm to broaden the research scope of Taiwan studies, enhance the understanding of the distinctive characteristics of Asian modernity, and challenge the biases and limitations of Western-centric paradigms.

International Cooperation Experience

  • Kyoto University Asian Studies Unit | Japan
    MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2018 ~ present

  • Asian Institute, University of Toronto | Canada
    MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2018 ~ present

  • Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, University of Sydney | Australia
    MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2018 ~ present

  • Seoul National University Asia Center | South Korea
    MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2018 ~ present

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong | Hong Kong
    MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2018 ~ present

  • The European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan, University of Tubingen | Germany
    MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2018 ~ present

  • | Transnational Theory-Building for Researching the Global Countryside: Perspectives from Taiwan and the UK | United Kingdom
    Seminar Personnel Exchange

    2022 ~ 2022

  • The University of Tokyo (UTokyo); National Taiwan University (NTU) | UTokyo-NTU Joint Conference: Social Impacts of Covid-19 in Japan and Taiwan 2021 | Japan, Taiwan

    2021/12/09 ~ 2021/12/09

  • Seoul National University (SNU); National Taiwan University (NTU) | 2021 Asian Migration Workshop | South Korea, Taiwan

    2020 ~ 2021


Yi-yin LIU

Position : Senior Clerk

Email : ntugarc@ntu.edu.tw

Phone : +8862-3366-3366 #55640

Principal Investigator

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Prof. Pei-Chia LAN

Position : Distinguished Professor, Department of Sociology

Email : pclan@ntu.edu.tw

Education / Background :

  • PhD, Sociology, Northwestern University
  • Certificate in Women's Studies, Northwestern University
  • M.A., Sociology, National Taiwan University
  • B.A., Sociology, National Taiwan University

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Prof. Yen-Fen Tseng

Position : Professor, Department of Sociology

Email : yftseng@ntu.edu.tw

Education / Background :

  • PhD. in Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles 

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