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College of Social Sciences

Hu Fu Center for East Asia Democratic Studies

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Principal Investigator : Prof. Yu-tzung CHANG

Team Size : 15

Study Field : Asian Barometer Survey (ABS), Global Barometer Surveys (GBS)

Interested International Cooperation : Joint Research Project, Personnel Exchange, Seminar, MOU/Collaborative Agreement

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Lab Introduction

The Hu Fu Center for East Asia Democratic Studies is an important initiative in the international political science community. It is the first cross-national research project focusing on democratization in East Asia. As well as the ABS which is organized directly by the Hu Fu Center for East Asia Democratic Studies, the GBS is conducted in collaboration with other regional survey organizations from around the world. The ABS is run by leading scholars with cross-national survey experience from both Taiwan and overseas. The ABS is a cross-national comparative survey focused on socioeconomic modernization, regime transition and democratization, and changes in political values across the East Asia region. The survey applies an integrated research framework and standardized survey procedures. Since the survey was launched in 2001, five survey waves have been completed, and the survey now covers 14 countries and regions in Asia: Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The data collected by the Asia Barometer Survey is regularly released by the Hu Fu Center for East Asia Democratic Studies for use by scholars and experts around the world. For more information on data release, please refer to(Data Release);The GSS integrates five large regional survey programs from around the world, Asian Barometer Survey, Afrobarometer, Latinobarómetro, Arab Barometer, and Eurasia Barometer, to create a research project on global democratization covering more than 80 countries and regions. Under this framework, the Hu Fu Center for East Asia Democratic Studies has played the lead role in developing long-term partnerships with the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA), and other key international organizations. The GBS regularly develops and measures indicators related to global democratic development and quality of governance and collaborates to produce authoritative research findings. The GBS database is also provided for use by the global academic community. Over time, the GBS has accumulated a wealth of empirical data and theoretical research results, and it currently plays a leading role in the study of democratization in East Asia. In addition, the GBS has established long-term research collaboration with top international research teams and democracy research institutions to promote innovation in the democratization research agenda worldwide.

International Cooperation Experience

  • Global Regional Functional Combination | Globebarometer
    Joint Research Project Personnel Exchange Seminar MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2000 ~ present

  • The East Asia Institute | South Korea
    Joint Research Project Seminar

    2000 ~ present

  • The Australian National University/The University of Sydney | Australia
    Personnel Exchange MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2017 ~ present

  • Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, CDDRL | United States of America
    Joint Research Project Seminar

    2017 ~ present

  • Henry Luce Foundation | United States of America
    MOU / Collaborative Agreement

    2016 ~ present

  • Centre of Taiwan Studies, SOAS, University of London | United Kingdom

    2021/02/24 ~ 2021/02/24

  • Institute of Policy Studies | Singapore
    Joint Research Project Seminar

    2020 ~ 2020

  • Yeonse University/ Hankuk University of Foreign Affairs | South Korea

    2017 ~ 2019

  • Harvard University | United States of America

    2018/05/29 ~ 2018/05/31

  • Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies | United States of America
    Personnel Exchange Seminar

    2017/09 ~ 2017/10

  • Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) | Brazil
    Personnel Exchange

    2017/04 ~ 2017/04



Position : Administrative Assistant

Email : u81060012005@gmail.com

Phone : +8862-3366-8456

Principal Investigator

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Prof. Yu-tzung CHANG

Position : Professor

Email : yutzung@ntu.edu.tw

Education / Background :

  • PhD, Department of Political Science , National Chengchi University, Taiwan
  • M.A., Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  •  B.S., Department of Political Science , National Taiwan University, Taiwan

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Project Image